I love this season

I love this season
"For everything there is a season..." Eccl. 3:1

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How do I become more devoted?

Thanks for taking time to pray for High School students this week at Student Life youth camp.

Suggested prayers in the student life material for today include:

Pray that students will have a desire to grow in their devotion to Jesus
Pray that students will value quality time spent with God
Pray that students will develop a passion for prayer and Bible study

Today's question is how do I become more devoted? Students will read Acts 2:42-47, Phil. 1:27-2:5.

"Being devoted is a lifelong calling.  During our lifetime we have the opportunity to grow in our devotion.  Throughout the book of Acts we get a picture of what this looked like in  the lives of individuals as well as the early Church as a whole." (Student Life Leader Guide)

Picture from last night's church group devotion time with @garrettgrubbs, student pastor, my hubby and favorite youth pastor! 

Pray by name...

Camp Pastor this week is JD Greear. Our adult leaders are leading Family group Bible studies.

Ada Bailey
Rachel Bailey
Dylan Barnes
Lakese Brown
Emily Brunson
Jerilyn Byrd
Christina Charles
Mary Margaret Charles
Morgan Clark
Annalese Clem
McKenzie Cole
Olivia Cook
Payton Couch
Bethany Cromie
Bailey Duncan
Madison Duncan
Amelia Elder
Jovanna Escobar
Marly Eubanks
Alicia Evans
Emily Garland
Taylor Glow
Becky Graves
Jennifer Henson
Meggan Hunnewell
Hazzannah Jones
Kayla Kirkland
Ashley Lane
Alexandria Lewis
Amie Loudermilk
Mallory McClearn
Madison McClearn
Emilee McLeod
Katie Meagher
Morgan Miller
Bree Milliner
Ashlyn Peachey
Savannah Peachey
Hannah Plummer
Savannah Peachy
Brooklyn Rainey
Taylor Reynolds
Katie Richards
Leigh Robinson
Kelsey Rogers
Mar Claire Sanders
Michaela Satchell
Kimberly Smith
Kelsey Spencer
Sarah Stone
Lidsey Taylor
Cara Walker
Taylor Weaver
Jade West
Chassidy Williams
Saralyn Wilson

Aaron Anthony
Skylar Barnes
Trey Broome
Terranc Burnette
Daniel Cooper
Brandon Cromie
Brett Cromie
Rashard Davis
Shaine Edmonson
Syd Erikson
Josh Flickenger
Brandon Gonzalez
MJ Green
Jeremy Hancock
Parker Hatcher
Josh Howick
Dustin Howell
Larrece Kelley
Landon Montgerard
Clay Norman
Jacori Oliver
William Orr
Ben Proctor
Jacob Rodriguez
Steven Rogers
Brett Sheperd
Daniel Smit
Jud Spencer
Jacob Sproul
Patrick Stanford
James Strawder
Chandler Tabb
Clay Wyatt
Jansen Barnes
Torrey Andrews
Aahron Daniels

Garrett Grubbs
Traci Grubbs
Kenny Miller
Lon Jorgensen
Karen Jorgensen
Chris Mathis
Kaitlyn Frits
Jim Russell
Anita Russell
Chris Matthews
Todd Stone
Cherie Peachey
Patricia Bennett
Wendy McLeod
Kaitlyn Lamb
Cindy Stone
Christine Kozuch

Please pray over each student and leader this week.

You can follow Sherwood Student Ministry on Twitter @sherwoodteens and Facebook under sbc students as well.

This week's theme is devoted and comes from Deut. 6:5, "Love th Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength."

Praying that studnts will come to truly KNOW Jesus Christ this week and understand what it means to be devoted. Praying that students will honestly evaluate where their devotion lies;is it for Christ or for self.

Don't forget you can tune into listen to the service tonight @ http://www.studentlife.com/ and follow the prompts.

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