I love this season

I love this season
"For everything there is a season..." Eccl. 3:1

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Middle School Camp Day 2

Please continue to pray over the list of names of our campers and staffers.  Here are some thoughts from the student life curriculum for today...

Peter serves as an example for students of what it means to be devoted as the question is asked of each student today if they are devoted.  Upon examining Peter, they see how he was devoted from his earliest days with Jesus.  Second, through his testimony and confession we learn just who jesus was and is, the Christ, the Son of God.  Third, studnets identify with him when he doesn't measure up to his own boasts of devotion and celebrate that his restoration provides us with hope for our own.  Last, stuents are challenged by his first sermon to examine whether or not they are devoted themselves.  Peter serves as a good aid as students (and us for that matter) seek to answer that very question for themselves. 

To follow along throughout today, read Matthew 16:16, 4:18-20; 16:13-18; 26:1-35, 69-75; John 21:15-22; Acts 2:14-41; 1-2:7; 1 Peter 1:13-25; 2 Peter 1 :3-15

Prayer suggestions:
Specifically, pray that students will see the need for God's salvation and forgiveness in their lives.
Pray that students will understand Jesus' call to follow Him.
Pray that students will respond in faith to the gospel and become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Pray by name...

Middle school girls
Carolyn Barnes, Hannah Barnes, Rachael Broome, Alaina Clem, Kade Coates, Kendall Cook, Rachael Cooper, Sarah Daniels, Anna Dunne, Tori Edmondson, Christina Eubanks, Jordan Hancock, Savannah Hargis, Kylee Harrod, Alli Jernigan, Julie Anna Jernigan, Kate Johnson, Madison Keller, Hannah King, Kelsey King, Courtney Kirkland, Imani McBean, Molly Kate McClearn, Linsdey McDaniel, Nicole Norman, Bri Pafford, Desire' Pantone, Malone Powell, Branson Rainey, Madelyn Smit, Lauren Sparks, Juliana Spencer, Hannah Thomson, Maci Underwood

Middle school guys
Kristopher Bradshaw, Darius Brown, Kenny Brown, Jacob Cravey, Blake Cromie, Dylan Evans, Josh Gonzalez, Laroon Harris, Quincy Hayes, Joshua Kendrick, Noah Kimsey, Connor Lawson, Rob Martin, Zac Miller, Xavier Mitchell, Carlson Moncrief, Samuel Orr, Grant Osteen, Micah Proctor, Reed Reynolds, Chandler Ricker, Blake Shepard, Tucker Smith, Spencer Taylor, Dalton Todd, Nick Wendland, Ben Williams
Our adult leaders include:
Garrett Grubbs (My favorite youth pastor), Kenny Miller, David Boyd, Lon Jorgensen, Clay Wyatt, Brett Shephard, Patrick Stanford, Doug Cochran, Jim Russell, Karen Jorgensen, Kimberly Prescott, Leslie McDaniel, Kathy Thompson, Claire Thompson, Katie Meagher, Sarah Stone, Annalise Clem, Emily Roberts
(There is a possibility that I have left someone out unintentionally...if you know this to be true, I would be happy to add their name, just let me know....in the meantime, we can cover anyone that I may've left out as well).

Thanks, ya'll!

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