I love this season

I love this season
"For everything there is a season..." Eccl. 3:1

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sweet duty

Tonight, our awesome interns are hosting an AROUND THE WORLD theme night...which I think is so cool!  The students are dressing up in garb representing different peoples and will be encouraged to pray for missionaries as well as to those people groups that need to hear the gospel. 
While many of you reading may not be able to attend, I would LOVE to issue a challenge that our family is taking...in particular to Sherwood students and families of students in @Sherwoodchurch, will you commit to make it your “sweet duty” to keep praying for missionary families all summer? 
Yes, summers are busy, but what a sweet duty it is, and what a neat way to spend some family time that lifts up Christ and those who are serving Him faithfully in missions around the world.  Even taking time at family mealtimes is a great time to pray for missions.  It shifts our often me-centered focus to the Lord and others...may spark some great dinnertime conversations as well. 
Are the students and kiddos "bored," have them research about how to encourage missionaries, encourage creativity.  Need a cheap idea? Take home some prayer cards from the church-and let them drop them off by the church office or better yet in the offering plate...their prayer offering for the week. I can think of some college students who were recently on the prayer list and families who'd be so encouraged by our prayers. 
Will you pray with us tonight and this summer?
CS Lewis said it is our sweet duty to pray for those we love.
I encourage you to join our students from wherever you are tonight as they pray for those serving around the world.  The following scriptures below can serve as a prayer guide in addition to how the Lord leads you to pray for these families.
Exodus 4:12; 33:14
Psalms 4:8, 19:14, 121:1-8
Isaiah 40:29-31; 55:10-11
Zechariah 4:6
Acts 1:8, 4:29,30
Ephesians 3:16-20; 6:10-20

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