I love this season

I love this season
"For everything there is a season..." Eccl. 3:1

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who helps campers become and remain devoted?

Today is day 4 of camp, the last full day of camp.  While I am praying that it's not the typical Thursday night camp service, I am praying that many students will choose to follow Christ tonight in obedience and that our adult leaders have much wisdom and compassion as they counsel.  Praying students will have the boldness to be honest with themselves, to the Lord, and to an adult at some point today.  My prayer is that no camper leaves camp having been resistant to the Holy Spirit's calling and leaves with no spiritual marker from Student Life Camp 2011.  I was reading a facebook msg last night from my best friend in high school, Stephanie Wilburn Clanton.  It was a really encouraging message...unique...she wrote to her bridesmaids on her wedding annniversary a very sweet encouraging note regarding our friendship.  One of the bridesmaids response included how my best friend had invited her to Summer Jam '92 (a Sherwood youth camp led by Jonathan Beasley) where she gave her life to Christ.  This bridesmaid is now a beautiful Christ follower, minister's wife, and mother...praise the Lord...for students who invite their friends to youth camp...and for youth camp all around...and that it's truly a huge opportunity for students like this friend of ours and myself, who come from many walks of life to accept and grow in Christ at youth camp.  Praying today....for much fruit to abound.  Would you pray with me?

Student life suggests that adults will accept the privilege and responsibility to disciple these students (Let's add from camp or at home)....I am who I am in Christ because of women like Elisabeth Beasley, Davina Seymor, Lindsay Johns, Kim Bateman, Sue Freeman, Wendy McLeod, Kendra Schultz, Jan Kennedy, Becky Williams, Angie Barber, Debbie Beasley, Diane Giddens, Angela Wilburn, Leah Glow and on and on...who took a chance in pouring God's word into my messy life during my high school years...and in turn, pointed me to Christ....I am so grateful they took time to drive me, invite me, invest in me, disciple me, and challenge me in my walk--their investment is priceless. 

Pray for students to value the discipling relationship and will seek out others to disciple them.

Pray that students leave this week of camp with a new or renewed devotion to Jesus Christ and insight into the tools that can help them greow in their devotion.

Today's passage is 2 Tim. 1:3-14 and tonight I believe Ed will be sharing from 1 John.  The question they are answering today is who helps me become and remain devoted?

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